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Information points

In the Dumbría City Council we have several information points, some more oriented towards tourism itself and another one mainly for pilgrims.



The Ézaro Tourist Information Office is next to the Ézaro Waterfall, a strategic place where you can get all the information regarding the City Council of Dumbría, the Costa da Morte geodestination and the province of A Coruña.


This tourist office is open all year round to be able to advise and inform visitors who request information in the office itself, by telephone and via telematics.


Hours of the Ézaro Tourist Information Office.


Summer (July - August)

Tuesday to Sundays:

10:00 to 14:00 and from 14;30 to 16:30

Low season

From Monday to Friday:

8:00 - 14:30 h


+ Info:

662 34 69 27


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Although today's pilgrim is already well acquainted with the lesson learned from home, there is never too much of a place where he can resolve his doubts on the way, a place where he can interact with local people and where he can get advice. For this, the Pilgrim Information Point was created, located on the site of Hospital, shortly before the fork of the Camino de Santiago to Fisterra and Muxía.


Here the pilgrim will find all the information related to the way, the stages, the accommodation, the public and private transport,… As well as being able to do one of the traditions of the pilgrim: to seal his credential.


Hours of the Pilgrim Information Point:



How the staff of the Pilgrim Information Point would say goodbye: Good Way!


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The Monte Pindo and Ézaro Waterfall Interpretation Center (CIR) is located in O Ézaro. An information reference for lovers of the Celtic Olympus and the Ézaro Waterfall.


In this space you can get all the information about this natural place, the legends that form the backbone of this place, its flora and fauna, the historical events that took place on Monte Pindo, as well as the hiking trails.


If you have the idea to climb Monte Pindo, I advise you to first visit the CIR to receive the best recommendations and the route that best suits you!


CIR schedule





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