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The mountain range of O Pindo rises to reach 627m in height just 2km from the sea. This large granite mass stands out for its spectacular relief and its so characteristic rosy hue.
All this abundance and rocky variety make up a landscape of exceptional beauty and, geologically, acquires an extraordinary value for which it is recognized as a Point of Geological Interest (PIG-115) of National Importance.
Mount Pindo holds many secrets of which its stones are the testimonies; stories yet to be discovered. Ceramic remains found on the mountain show the presence of activity in the 15th century, the walls speak of the mountain as a fortified place, Peñafiel castle is linked to the time of the Irmandiños and fertility , the castle of San Xurxo as part of the network of coastal castles to defend the estuary against the maritime attacks of Vikings and Saracens, the mountain as a refuge for escapees during the Civil War , also as a place of healing rites and, on a legendary level, as Celtic Olympus; the abode of the gods of the ancient peoples. Many stories transmitted through oral tradition and many more yet to be discovered…
Is it true that they say that Queen Lupa is buried on Mount Pindo with seven million gold on her head and as many on her feet?
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