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Olveiroa is one of the mecca of the pilgrim on his Way from Santiago to Fisterra-Muxía. A place revitalized thanks to the road, thanks to the pilgrims and thanks to its people. Olveiroa is the place where the pilgrim ends one of his stages before ending his journey; a stop to replenish forces.
A village whose final destination was extinction, but which, thanks to the impetus of the Fisterra-Muxía Way, was able to reconvert and transform itself into a place of welcome for pilgrims from all over the world.
It is here where the first municipal hostel of the City Council of Dumbría is located and where the offer of accommodation and restoration tries to facilitate the stay of the walkers. In short, a place of welcome for the many pilgrims who opt for this Jacobean itinerary.
At present it stands out for being a renovated village, with its restored heritage, a revitalized village and in which the largest number of barns per inhabitant is concentrated; barns that at dusk can be seen illuminated.
A spectacle for the senses…
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