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Today we are very dependent on new technologies and that is not bad, but new technologies do not get along very well with certain rural areas.


So my advice is not to use a GPS in this region, more than anything to avoid any scare. The best is to use a map, drive on the main roads and have doubts, stop and ask. The saying goes: asking Rome comes, because Dumbría too!




There are many and diverse events that take place at the Dumbría Town Hall throughout the year and, more fittingly, in the summer. My advice is that you inform yourself after a visit because you coincide with one of them; having limited accesses that day.


If you travel by private vehicle you will have fewer problems, but you travel with a group by coach, it is better to inform you beforehand in order to plan your visit in time!





The Ézaro Waterfall looks spectacular on summer nights thanks to the audiovisual show. You want to come to see it, better consult the lighting calendar of the year you want to come, because the dates change every year. Although as a general rule they are Saturdays and the eve of public holidays, it is worth consulting before to avoid surprises!

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