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A place exists where the river culminates merging with the Atlantic Ocean ; a place of legends, a magical place where the river turns into a waterfall to kiss the salt water of the sea.


The river Xallas , also known as the river Ézaro, determines the character of the City Council of Dumbría. It crosses it from north to south until it flows into its maximum expression in the form of a waterfall directly over the ocean; this is how the Ézaro Waterfall was born , a unique example of a river mouth of this type in Europe.


Before becoming a waterfall, the river is retained by four reservoirs: A Fervenza, A Ponte Olveira, Castrelo and Santa Uxía. Between this last dam and the waterfall, the force of the water and the resistance of the stone created the sinks or boilers, the natural cavities built after centuries by the river. In its last section it has a difference of 155 meters and the height of the waterfall is 40m; a little more than the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (38m).


A little history

Until the middle of the 19th century, the Xallas river was known as the Ézaro or Lézaro River. This can be seen in the cartographic sources of the time. The first cartographic reference with the current denomination, Ézaro, appears in the Description of the Kingdom of Galicia (1598); so it's old ...


WEBCAM Waterfall

Since April 2011 the Ézaro Waterfall is always with water; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The only schedule you should keep in mind is that of the audiovisual show of the Ézaro Waterfall on summer nights. A unique spectacle, a magical combination of water, stone, vegetation, lights, colors and music…


Remember that you can enjoy this natural spectacle any day of the year! If you still don't believe it, click on the following link and watch the Ézaro Waterfall live!


Ven gozar da fermosa Fervenza do Ézaro nas noites máxicas do verán de Dumbría. Durante os meses de xuño a setembro a Fervenza do Ézaro iluminarase polas noites, e poderás contemplar este espetáculo en primeira fila dende a pasarela de madeira que chega ata o pé da fervenza.



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