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The Dumbría Color Cemetery is owned by the municipality, the work of architect Rosana Pichel and completed in 2013. A risky project for which the council has opted and which has received a very good response from both the local population and visitors.
It is a cemetery with an innovative infrastructure for its aesthetics, utility, service and integration in the rural area. Some say that it resembles the works of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, defining it as neoplasticist in style. Its uniqueness lies in its design based on self-contained modules that create a covered interior space, which serves the set of niches that make up each module (54 columns 4 niches high).
Its main feature is that this cemetery escapes the gray color of traditional cemeteries and opts for color. Each niche has a brightly colored resin board that gives it that characteristic look, hence its name: Dumbría Color Cemetery.
Also, the interior of the cemetery is covered by pergolas of metal structure that provide protection from the weather while allowing a play of light and shadow during the day.
The large entrance space to the set of modules materializes with a garden that connects with nature and conveys a sense of aesthetic, visual, physical and psychological comfort.
A different cemetery that leaves no one indifferent!
# DumbríaéTurismo
# DumbríaéPatrimonio
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