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On its magical journey, the Camino de Santiago towards Fisterra and Muxía crosses the heart of the impressive lands of Dumbría. This route is steeped in ancient traditions and legends such as the Vákner, the monster that devoured pilgrims.


In every corner you will find traces of the past, vestiges of an impressive historical and archaeological heritage, dotted with mámoas, Celtic castros, dolmens, vestiges of Romanization and the Napoleonic Wars. You will discover a nature of beautiful forests and mighty rivers.


This route starts from the place of A Ponte Olveira, place of entry of pilgrims to the City of Dumbría, to the Hermitage of the Snows of Buxantes (24.5km). This route was used by Napoleonic troops in 1809 to reach Cee and Corcubion.


Route features:

  • Length of the route: 24,500m (+/-)

  • Average slope: 3%

  • Starting elevation: 267 meters above sea level

  • End elevation: 260 meters above sea level

  • Elevation gain: 7m

  • Difficulty: medium

  • Duration: 3h (one way)


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